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Hows your corporate health today


Every employer wants to increase their employee’s well-being and potential. Well-being at work, whether your employees work from home, the office, or a combination of both, is vital for your business's ESG status and continued success.


Since the Covid 19 Pandemic started in March 2020, employee mental and physical health is becoming a bigger part of the conversation in today’s workplaces.  Experts estimate employees and employers’ screen time has increased by around 76 per cent, leading to concern over our ‘digital wellbeing'. Spending more time in front of a screen and less time walking from desk to desk, or meeting room and to and from the office means we’re all moving less too.


Over time, this can lead to muscular and skeletal problems, weight gain and mental health issues ranging from difficulty in concentrating, loss of confidence and according to the Ministry of Human Resource Development - a far greater risk of depression and anxiety.


Now is the time to tackle any potential issues by taking proactive steps to make sure you and your employees are happy and healthy at work. It benefits your employees, it benefits your company, it benefits future recruitment and it benefits your bottom line.

What we do

Balanced Bodies Corporate is an ‘in person’ service, so no apps, tools, or downloading is needed. After all, the goal is to negate the negative effects of increased screen time and sedentary living.


After getting a deep understanding of your unique needs, we will create a bespoke plan of action that will help inform managers, inspire employees and equip you with the tools you need to make sure everyone’s physical and emotional health is taken care of.


BB Corporate will build your teams’ general knowledge and understanding in three crucial areas:

  • nutrition

  • fitness

  • Mindset work


Our goal is to inspire you and your workforce to feel healthy, energised, positive and empowered- whether working from home or in the office, or both.


Balanced Bodies Corporate offers a range of packages. We can mix and match all offerings to suit your organisation's specific needs. Here are a few examples of our most requested packages:

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For more options, get in touch so we can discuss your business’ unique requirements over the phone, online or in-person – for free. We prefer working one-to-one but understand this isn’t always possible. All packages can be adapted online.