The BBWC FitScription service, by Anna Reich, is a unique online personal training resource aimed at helping you achieve long-term body confidence in two crucial/pivotal ways: The physical, and the emotional... 

Firstly, you will have access to a bank of workout videos categorised clearly and catering to a variety of goals and abilities. Such as Day 1 Workout, Beginners HIIT, Intermediate Upper Body and Advanced Strength. 

Secondly, there will be a series of

‘Brain Training’ clips – words of wisdom (exclusive to BB FitScription!) by psychologists, nutritionists, professional sportspeople and coaches.


Where the mind goes,

the body will follow.

Day 1 Workouts

This category of workouts is to help you take that first step towards a life of health and fitness.

Day 1 Workouts feature



The Beginners category will tweak every muscle but without complexity, or much equipment.  You'll SWEAT, maybe even SWEAR a little - but you will be able to sit on the loo the following day.


You are a changed person!

There is no stopping you now, although we're going to give it a good go in the Intermediate category! MORE MOVES, bigger bodily range and MORE EQUIPMENT options.


There is VERY LITTLE REST time in the Advanced Workouts area. The movements and combinations are more intense and more COMPLEX. Something to look forward to!

Pre Post Natal

There are workouts here for each stage of pregnancy, and beyond. We will ensure you work in a safe and controlled, mother and baby friendly way - with a strong focus on MAINTAINING STRENGTH and MOBILITY.

Senior Training

The workouts in this category, as will any other, will challenge the whole body but will a strong focus on building STRENGTH and SUPPLENESS.  There will always be a chair or a wall to offer some support, if needed.

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Brain Training

Understanding and managing the behaviours and emotions related to our actions are pivotal in making a lasting change. Brain Training delivers POWERFUL DOSES OF EXPERTISE to help keep you firmly on the right path.


Where the mind goes, the body will follow...