The Balanced Bodies Weight Loss Camp Online is a 7 Day, virtual version, of what you would experience at one of our ‘away’ camps: Tailored workout sessions, nutritional instruction, psychological training and face-to-face mentoring, to ensure long term success.

The dietary tweaks will be totally doable and the 20 minutes of daily exercise are in line with the government's recommended 150 minutes of pulse raising exercise per week, per adult.


This kind of intensive therapy is proven to yield far greater outcomes than less intense practice for achieving permanent change in the brain - your greatest weapon in battle for weight loss.

We know you can do this, and we know you will succeed!

BBWC Online



Caroline’s FitScription

Daily Calorie: 1500

Protein: 40%

Fats: 35%

Carbs: 25%

 Dear Caroline,

This is it ! See your week’s

calorie and macro split recommendations

Individual diet analysis

Individual calorie recommendation

Personalised shopping list for the week



20 minute virtual “Welcome!” and set-up call, with founder, Anna Reich,

7 x 20-minute video workouts emailed daily


Brain Training 2.png

7 x Brain Training tips and tactics to boost your efforts, emailed daily

A personal Brain Training challenge will be set for each member



A mid-week virtual group catch-up to clear any hurdles that may have appeared

End of week virtual sign-off to future proof your efforts post camp

The Overview page will help you gain an accurate idea of the professional and targeted advice you will receive over the 7 days.  

Please note: If you have any special requirements in terms of your diet or exercise, we will apply these needs to your plan.


Listen to what founder Anna Reich says about BBWC Online in the video below, but if you have any further questions, please get in touch!

Next Available Online Camp Dates

October 4th - 10th 

November 1st - 7th

This is 7 Days to improve the rest of your life.


The final resting place for fad diets and unmaintainable workouts