Frequently asked Questions

What will I need to bring?

All equipment is provided at the weight loss camp so you’ll just need standard gym kit for a few days. We can arrange for kit to be washed on site. We suggest a good pair of trainers and some outdoor clothing - it is Wales after all!

What is included?

All accommodation, meals (and smoothies!), activities and excursions are included in the cost. The only extra costs will be if you decide to book a massage or yoga session.

Is the Manor private?

The Manor is for the exclusive use of balanced bodies weight loss camp for the entire stay and there will be no other guests. We offer a safe, female-only environment with all exercise held within the Manor or its grounds.

Do I need to do anything in advance?

4 weeks before the course starts, we will send you out a form to record your diet and either Anna or Raquel will arrange a call to chat through your current situation, what you’re looking to get out of the fitness retreat and your goals for the future.

How do I get there?

There is plenty of parking at the venue for those who would like to drive and the nearest train station is Llangadog, from where we’re happy to arrange transfers to the Cilgwyn Manor (less than 10-minute drive). We can also arrange transfers from Cardiff. Just let us know where you’re coming in from and we will find a way to get you here!

What if I have never exercised before?

Everyone from complete beginners to Iron Ladies are welcome in the balanced bodies weight loss camp and we will tailor all activities and education to suit your level of experience and fitness.

I am worried I will be pushed too hard.

Our trainers are experts in their field and although they will work you hard to get the best results, safety is their number one concern. We will never push anyone to a point that makes them feel uncomfortable. This fitness retreat is designed to strengthen your physical and mental health, but is also meant to be fun! We have found that the best way to build a solid and long-lasting exercise regime is to enjoy what you’re doing and for it not to feel like a chore. If you want to sit out a session or activity, that’s absolutely no problem at all.

What is the accomodation like?

The Cilgwyn Manor offers a variety of rooms for single and shared accommodation. Some of the rooms have en-suite facilities and others have shared bathrooms located a short walk away. The rooms are clean and quiet, allowing you to focus completely on yourself for the week. We also offer a range of payment options, giving you the ability to spread the cost of the course over a few months if you’d prefer not to pay in full in advance.

How many people will be on the course?

A maximum of 20 participants will be able to enrol in each course.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes! We have a number of twin rooms and one triple so if you’d like to share the cost of a room go ahead and make a team holiday of your fitness retreat. Couples are also welcome. Sadly the Manor doesn’t allow pets so no canine friends we’re afraid (we love dogs so this isn’t our choice!)

When does the camp start & finish?

Balanced bodies weight loss camp starts on Sunday the 4th of April once you have checked in (2 - 3 pm), and it ends after your final workout at 10.30 am on Sunday the 10th of April. However, we offer an online support service for the remainder of the month, to ensure you stand the best chance of transitioning and implementing all you have learnt at BBWC, into ‘normal life'.

What are our Covid 19 safety measures?

Our goal is to not only improve our fitness retreat guests’ health and wellness, but to protect it too. With prevention being our first line of defence we will be adding a symptom check question to our PAR-Q (preparation and readiness questionnaire, given upon arrival) which follows a phone call prior to the camp in order to establish that everybody is well and able to attend. We will temperature check all participants upon arrival and provide antibacterial wipes and hand sanitisers to each participant to use throughout the week. Every surface area and kit used will be thoroughly disinfected before and after each session and disposable masks and gloves will be provided for those who wish to use them.

What is your Refund Policy?

Full Ts & Cs can be seen below but in terms of Covid 19, as detailed in clause 4.4 and 4.5, Balanced Bodies will offer the choice between an alternative date or full refund. 4. Cancellations 4.1 For cancellations made within 4 weeks of the start of a residential boot camp: Total fee is due with no refund. 4.2 For cancellations made between 4 weeks and 10 weeks of the start of a residential boot camp: 50% of the fee is due to Balanced Bodies. 4.3 For cancellations made 10 weeks or earlier before the start of a residential boot camp: 20% of the fee is due to Balanced Bodies. 4.4 Should Balanced Bodies need to cancel or postpone the camp, a full refund of any and all sums will be paid to the Customer within 14 days. Alternatively, balanced bodies may offer an alternative date to which Customer may wish to reserve with the present money paid 4.5 Should local or national Covid 19 restrictions prevent a Customer from attending the residential boot camp, Balanced Bodies will offer the Customer the choice between an alternative date or a full refund within 14 days.

What sets BBWC apart from the rest?

People rarely fail to lose weight on a fitness camp. There is tailored exercised and nutrition (generally tiny portions!); no interruption, no temptations, no discouragement of any kind. Once you’re home however, real life presents all sorts of challenges making it difficult to stay on track. This is the biggest cause of failure associated with weight-loss camps – the ‘post’ part. At Balanced Bodies we have considered this deeply, and have put in place several strategies to keep you clear of this post camp downfall:

  1. From Camp to Casa Transition Tool-kit: This is a Q&A sent to each participant before the camp begins. It’s purpose is to equip us with enough information to provide you with a bespoke guide on how to carry on the good work at home.
  2. Brain Training: These daily sessions are a totally unique addition to the weight-loss camp market. They will seek to bulk up your knowledge and understanding about exercise and nutrition, and have you learn better responses to life’s trip hazards
  3. Post Camp Calls: Every participant will be entitled to one 15 minute zoon call per month, for three months, following the camp. These calls will keep you accountable and on track during this most challenging transition period. It’s also an opportunity to tweak your ‘Camp to Casa Tool-kit’ if your circumstances have changed.


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